Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering group at New Horizons brings a unique blend of manufacturing and consulting experience resulting in optimum and safe solutions for clients. This is achieved by -

» A strong knowledge about market conditions with respect to prices, capabilities and Shop loading of various equipment manufactures.

» Use of high-end analysis tools where required.

» Effective fit for purpose technical requisitions with best possible definition of requirements.

» Balanced evaluation of various vendor bids from a technical and total lifecycle cost perspective.

» Practical resolution of vendor queries during manufacturing without losing sight of overall objectives of the project.

We are well versed with various international codes and standards ranging from ASME, ANSI, API, NACE, BS, DIN, TEMA, ISO, IS to name a few.

COMPRESS and PVElite for Mechanical design of static equipment, HTRI for thermal design of Heat Exchangers and SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION for finite element analysis are the software tools that we are proficient in.

We have experience in a variety of equipment like –

» Vessels, Columns, Reactors, Heat Exchangers and Unfired Boilers

» Storage Tanks, Horton Spheres, Bullets

» Pumps

» Fired Boilers

» Miscellaneous equipment - Ejectors, Desuperheaters, Filters, Coalescers etc.

Our experience in package systems comprises of -

» Coal / Ash and other Material handling systems

» Raw Water & Waste Water Treatment system

» Cooling Water System

» Heating Ventilation & Air-conditioning system

» Fire Protection system